Its community garden days again here in the Jampa Ling walled garden on Wednesday morning. Sometimes we stay the whole day if people are willing. Lots got done this week, seeds planted, beds prepared, strawberries manured and weeded. Thought it might be a good idea to use the colorful dogwood cuttings as supports for the peas. What do you […]

morning post

Half sitting here on my stool cooking these things and figured it was a grand place to blog also.  Lack of stimulation has me doing my house work with the lap top. I have great aspirations about Zen mind and all that but there are times when a little screen and a keyboard helps. Must […]

Credible edibles, weeds too

Here you see the tasty hairy bitter cress, just one component of Friday’s salad. This one is growing between the rocket and red mustard at the side of the tunnel in Jampa Ling garden, This is red mustard. These cool season crops grown under cover must be sown in August for an early spring crop , any […]

Poets and Playwrites

Above is the stage set for the play ” THE BOYS NEXT DOOR”. I saw it last night, it was the final play in the Ballinamore drama festival. Directed by Myra Maguire and performed by the Estuary players from Co. Dublin, it walked away with the award for best play. On Saturday night I saw […]

Weeds One

In  spring cleane mode I decided to clean up the link area on the blog. Just checking to see what is still working etc. In so doing, I had a look at the Plants for a Future link. While I was there I investigated a plant which we have been eating and weeding at the […]

Shrub love

Just the other day, before the terrible weather came back, I went on a planting spree.  I had a spare 15 euro in my pocket also and I spend all of it. I bought Arabis ‘Rose Delight’, as you can see here. Two bare-root laurels. I never thought I would see the day when I […]

Garden diary

Creative urges satisfied for the moment it’s time to get back into the garden.  I have been planting young whips of birch, alder and oak.   The land here is windswept and high. The soil scarce and stony. There are unforgiving weeds in many places. Bindweed, hedge woundworth, bishops weed (ground elder), oooh and not […]


Yes, well there you go. Now! Just one last one for your digestion, it’s all at one go. Thats me, I’m an all or nothing kind of gal. You got nothing for a few months and now yir gettin it all. So I had a lot of fun with this one. You might recognize the Drumlane gardeners […]


Ahem, well I have taken the liberty which is mine  to take, and indeed anybody’s.  That  which presses one to ignore the rules and take control of a language oneself. It does help knowing the rules in the first place before the baby is thrown out with the murky bathwater, but that rule has also been dispensed with. […]