West Cork Gardens

  A trip to West Cork and it really does feel like a summer. A friend and I swapped houses for a week and I packed the car with myself and 4 teenagers, taking in a Dublin detour along the way. Clonakilty is a lovely town to be sure. Full of history, Henry Ford and […]

Wild and wicked ways of growing fruit

Fruity? But of course I  mean wicked in the most fruity sense!. But as gardeners, how can we be wicked with fruit? “For what we loose in flowers we gain in fruit”  Samuel Butler  and as Khalil Gibran says “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit“. What I am saying is only this. […]

Newness is Goodness, I love you, I’m Sorry…

I love you Ah the newness of it all. Just having a wee stretch on the crisp white sheets of this comfortable but exciting place that I am going to love . What will it be today? Gardening? Photography? Art? Poetry? taking the rubbish out?  Yes it still has to be done. I am finding […]