Garden Therapy, all year round

mini potscape

Gardening meditation

In term of therapy all year round we can compare this concept to the song lyric ‘all night long’ thus implying perpetual enjoyment (  that is to say, for a defined period of time).  For many years now living in N.W. Ireland I am bound for the armchair or sofa from about October to March. This strange 2016 year, of souls marching on,  I am drawn to my garden, compelled indeed to befriend her inclement soil conditions and weather. I have tackled brambles, removed unsightly objects. Heaved what soil there is (via machine of course) into piles. I vow now to get to know and love this wee patch of land.

Bit by bit.

I now do what I should have done long ago. Divided the huge space, named and claimed . I  am also dividing my time, week and day.  I am measuring out what commitment I can give to each activity and lavishing suitable attention as I go. Doing this with a whole heart and mind. I circumambulate the house, greeting much loved plants as I go. “I need re-potting” say the Primula auricula. “I need a new pot” crokes the ancient bonsai tree. “Cover us up now” says the soil.  The potscapes if planned well are silent. They merely reflect back the love and attention to detail they received at there inception.

piles of branches awaiting disposal
piles of bramble and false box (Lonicera nitida)

On the therapeutic level it is  enormously satisfying to clear an area that has been taken over by unwanted growth. A bit like having a hair cut or having an unwanted moustache removed. I suppose that is  why the euphemism exists, for the nether regions. Although in this case my personal preference is to leave well alone.

Appletown Wonder Apple tree in winter
Appletown wonder needs to be pruned urgently

Too many branches delivering less and less fruit each year although fairly healthy. Here is a PDF from the apple farm website. Some good simple information about growing fruit trees here in Ireland

Garden therapy, winter time
Looking good but in trouble regarding fruiting

I am in a quandary regarding the name of this tree . I was sure it was the Thomson’s apple but now have to name it the Cavan Sugarcane having found the original receipt.

In any case all of the  trees need some work.  I am chipping away at it breathing in the good air, working the stiff muscles.  The animals are great company, I have to smile at their antics


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