The Garden in January

Just go out into the garden

Step outside the door into the garden. Put your wellies on and have a look around. Take a mental notebook or an actual one with you. As this is a very large area I have divided it up into sections. These as yet have still to be named, although the grove of trees down at the bottom, I have been calling the secret garden.  So it is fun to move from section to section, it never gets boring. As the garden has not had much attention in more years than I would like to say renovation is the name of the game. Top of the list is apple tree pruning.

Gardening and pruning
Apple Tree pruning in the garden

This is the same tree from the last post. It has been pruned by taking out several large branches as well as cutting back extension growth. I hope it will  fruit a bit better this year. The tree has suffered from some disease related to calcium deficiency for 3 years  in a row now.  I think it is Bitter pith .  The soil is so shallow and poor and the trees did so well up until recently I can only surmise that the roots are now suffering. I planted them a bit too close together because I bought them on large root stocks thinking that this was the best thing for my soil. They grew and grew and I have never had such large trees to prune before, however they are lovely.

Some of the cuts I  made were to very large boughs and a bit of damage was done while pulling out the branches. This is not recommended. I should have been more careful. Or patient even by taking them out bit by bit. This is a different tree ‘Appletown Wonder’ . it isn’t diseased, however is produces less fruit that is still quite a large size.

Apple tree pruning in the garden
Some large leaders getting the chop

This kind of renovation pruning should be done over 3 years in order not to shock the tree or force it to produce lots of new growth as a direct result of the pruning.

A few tips below from Alex Shigo 

I hope that is helpful to you. I will be back later to show you  the progress.

Happy 2017






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