It’s A Wild and Wonderful life innit?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life  (insert garden)?”

Mary Oliver

This has been a very wild week.  Consisting of several encounters with birds, bats, bees slugs and weeds.  I have been coming to terms with the loss of all the lettuce in the Jampa Ling garden. I was just after saying, yes we had won the war against them, when a gap in our defences was revealed. Literally a gap between the plastic in the raised beds and the wood gave the #slugs a very good opportunity for hiding during the day only to come out and dine on our plants in the evening

Yeo Human ……..

Yes they are as bold as brass. This photo clearly illustrates  the slug’s sensory and optical tentacles, the latter are the big ones. It doesn’t bother him at all,  that I am taking his/her likeness, mid poo. Their mantle is that lovely elegant over the shoulder thing they have. All the interesting business is done under there.   With their 27,000 teeth, slugs are the winners in this natural game .As the way to the heart of a slug is through it’s stomach,  I have decided to feed them oranges. At least that way they can easily be found under the orange. Because presently they are starting on the melon plants now.

What else is wild  then? oh yes weeds I suppose.

garden and hills
The beauty of lawn mowing in the wild garden

Virtually any garden wilderness can be beautified by the presence of a bit of a cut edge. So we are introducing a tamed element to contrast and compliment the  wild element. Check out Christopher lloyd a champion of informal planting.

grass and plants wild
Any wilderness worth it’s salt can be tamed with a lawnmower….a bit

leaf hopper nymph

Weeds are necessary. Cultivating a tolerant attitude to them will ensure there is enough food to go around.

Ah yes I did mention bats.

bat dangling over water from string
bat on a string

Poor batty was caught on a fishing line and was dangling over the water. By the time I had rang up everyone (old fashioned speak for calling on the telephone/mobile phone) and went back I think he had released himself.  A few days later a bat flew under the car as I was driving along but after checking him out flew away again unharmed. Then it was young bemused coal tit chicks the other day, I tell ye…….it’s all go here on these wonderful lanes. Please drive slow.






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