Humorous Gardening cartoons that help you to cope with far too many slug appearances


Yes indeed. Land slugs real name. Gastropods : a self propelled foot that is a stomach. Snails without shells. Slugs are members of the largest class of animals after insects.  There are approximately 10 class in total which in turn all belong to the phylum of Mollusca. Anyway there are gazillions of them and they lay eggs and spend most of there time underground digesting, reproducing and  all that kind of stuff. It is mostly when they are above ground that they disturb the gardener however. No matter how cute and decorative they look with their shells on, dangling from leaves they are  highly destructive to seedlings and tender plants and I am going to find a way to reduce their numbers.

cartoon of glamorous slugs
Glamorous gastropods enjoying themselves at the races

Actually  I have just ordered a book  “The little book of slugs” produced by the centre for  Alternative Technology in Wales that apparently :  Collects over 70 different organic solutions to the slug problem, distilled from over 300 professional and leisure gardeners. As well as organic methods to combat the slug, this book includes details of slug lifestyles, habits and eating preferences, and information on reported problems associated with chemical controls.  

Natural solutions to pests and weeds

Generally speaking I believe mother nature knows best. Recently I used a vinegar / salt solution on gravel as a contact weedkiller. It worked immediately ( that day). I chose a dry sunny day, and I used a knapsack sprayer. The solution was about 10% salt to 90% vinegar. It is important to use a horticultural grade vinegar for greatest effect. This is about 20% and you should use gloves and a mask. Actually the highest grade I was able to get was 10%. from the local Polish shop. The Polish love their pickles. Of course you will have to repeat this spray at weekly or fortnightly  intervals as with many  contact chemical sprays.

slug cartoons
Slugs Marching to be allowed to feed in peace……..British gardeners use over 400 billion slug pellets every year.

Apparently slugs don’t like vinegar. It removes their slime too. Their slime gets hydrated by water so that is why it won’t wash off your hands. Gastropods all originated in the sea so water is their thing. As are soft tender greens.

slug cartoon, single female artist
The other side of the more sophisticated slug

So I will leaf you (hmm) with some tips from slug off.

They recommend milk traps for the tea totalling slug. (what about vegan I say?). My tip is hemispheres of oranges. Slugs love sweetness and gather inside them where they can be removed.  There is a cartoon in there somewhere

There you have it until the next time

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