Rubus fruticosus , and it’s relative, native Irish cousins

Rubus fruticosa …….aka blackberry or bramble Genus: Rubus, Species fruitcosa, Family Rosaceae Yes it’s back to brambles again. I felt that I had to plumb the depths of the Rubus species a bit more. This very useful book called the Census catalogue of the flora of Ireland I have in my possession, and as it says […]

Brambles and other thorny subjects

Brambles On this mild day it feels so nice to be out and about tackling  thorny issues such as the strangling habits of brambles. I have always been attracted to these plants. Some of the most amazing plants on this planet of ours are ferocious. My all time favorite is the rose. Today I released […]

Fruitful behaviour,

Still on the subject of the  fruitful abundance that  surrounds us all. It is hard to let up sometimes, while fertile boughs teem with apples,  golden gage and Victoria plum are rescued from the mouths of greedy wasps.  Rowen trees dripping titian berries against grey skies remind us that Autumn is around the corner and […]

Wild and wicked ways of growing fruit

Fruity? But of course I  mean wicked in the most fruity sense!. But as gardeners, how can we be wicked with fruit? “For what we loose in flowers we gain in fruit”  Samuel Butler  and as Khalil Gibran says “Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit“. What I am saying is only this. […]

The twilighty zone

Wild garlic pesto Vegan version anyone? Just wondering is there might be an issue with eating so much wild garlic at one sitting???? went ahead in any case and made a vegan version. There hasn’t been much time for foraging unfortunately. Actually only growing my own foragey plants myself instead. Plants like scurvy grass and […]

Good tidings in August

A planned trip to the ocean near Lissadell, Co. Sligo bore fruit yesterday. I was hoping for company but the task fell to myself alone. I told a few people of my location and brought my mobile phone, which I kept in my pocket. Unfortunately the rain coat has a deep pocket and it ended […]

Welcome to Creative Visions

You’re very welcome to Creative Visions.  This started out as an kind of diary and that is just what it has become. Most of the posts relate to the following areas in sporadic bursts of energy. So there will be a lot about gardening for the foreseeable future and perhaps if there is time film […]