How to grow from seed under cover without chemicals

Late May and everywhere the growth is phenomenal.  It  is important to get the  concept of what it means to                                                      grow organically. Prevention –  it’s the only way. A […]

What’er ways with plants

  I took a stroll recently at lisnaskea Co. Fermanagh down by the Lough Head community garden and park. They have something I haven’t come across before, a trim trail. It’s a great idea. Some log stumps set in the ground as step-ups. They also have a very young willow maze. Actually there isn’t any […]

Spring into Action again

Heading over to the seed- swop in Knockvicar tomorrow.  We prepared some of our own saved seed yesterday. The final clean of dill Tetra and coriander Piltro. You can see it growing in some of the older posts from Camcas tunnel. It grew to a height of 7 – 8 foot. Incredible. I couldn’t remember […]

Its community garden days again here in the Jampa Ling walled garden on Wednesday morning. Sometimes we stay the whole day if people are willing. Lots got done this week, seeds planted, beds prepared, strawberries manured and weeded. Thought it might be a good idea to use the colorful dogwood cuttings as supports for the peas. What do you […]

Welcome to Creative Visions

You’re very welcome to Creative Visions.  This started out as an kind of diary and that is just what it has become. Most of the posts relate to the following areas in sporadic bursts of energy. So there will be a lot about gardening for the foreseeable future and perhaps if there is time film […]