Newness is Goodness, I love you, I’m Sorry…

I love you Ah the newness of it all. Just having a wee stretch on the crisp white sheets of this comfortable but exciting place that I am going to love . What will it be today? Gardening? Photography? Art? Poetry? taking the rubbish out?  Yes it still has to be done. I am finding […]

The ulterior life of plants per se

This is an old piece. Inspired and drawn from David Attenborough’s book ‘the private life of plants’. Some time around 1996 in the Botanic gardens in Glasnevin in Dublin there was an exhibition of plant paintings around the gardens. I did two myself, a hellebore  and a something else. These were the days before smart […]

Poets and Playwrites

Above is the stage set for the play ” THE BOYS NEXT DOOR”. I saw it last night, it was the final play in the Ballinamore drama festival. Directed by Myra Maguire and performed by the Estuary players from Co. Dublin, it walked away with the award for best play. On Saturday night I saw […]