Humorous Gardening cartoons that help you to cope with far too many slug appearances

Slugs Yes indeed. Land slugs real name. Gastropods : a self propelled foot that is a stomach. Snails without shells. Slugs are members of the largest class of animals after insects.  There are approximately 10 class in total which in turn all belong to the phylum of Mollusca. Anyway there are gazillions of them and they […]

The ulterior life of plants per se

This is an old piece. Inspired and drawn from David Attenborough’s book ‘the private life of plants’. Some time around 1996 in the Botanic gardens in Glasnevin in Dublin there was an exhibition of plant paintings around the gardens. I did two myself, a hellebore  and a something else. These were the days before smart […]

Poets and Playwrites

Above is the stage set for the play ” THE BOYS NEXT DOOR”. I saw it last night, it was the final play in the Ballinamore drama festival. Directed by Myra Maguire and performed by the Estuary players from Co. Dublin, it walked away with the award for best play. On Saturday night I saw […]


Ahem, well I have taken the liberty which is mine  to take, and indeed anybody’s.  That  which presses one to ignore the rules and take control of a language oneself. It does help knowing the rules in the first place before the baby is thrown out with the murky bathwater, but that rule has also been dispensed with. […]

September looks back

It has really been a crammed full season.  Lets seen now, there is the Anti-fracking campaign, Yes today is the day after the Global frackdown day. Had a really good one up here in Manorhamilton and Carrick on Shannon. Here for more info. Then we had culture night in the Solas gallery on friday 21st,  and […]