It’s A Wild and Wonderful life innit?

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life  (insert garden)?” Mary Oliver This has been a very wild week.  Consisting of several encounters with birds, bats, bees slugs and weeds.  I have been coming to terms with the loss of all the lettuce in the Jampa Ling […]

Airfield Gardens revisited

I am speaking about Airfield gardens of course. The previous weekend garden trip was so densely packed that it has to be split into two posts. It is 16 years or more since I last visited the gardens at Airfield. A lot has gone on in the meantime. It is a working farm as well […]

West Cork Gardens

  A trip to West Cork and it really does feel like a summer. A friend and I swapped houses for a week and I packed the car with myself and 4 teenagers, taking in a Dublin detour along the way. Clonakilty is a lovely town to be sure. Full of history, Henry Ford and […]

Newness is Goodness, I love you, I’m Sorry…

I love you Ah the newness of it all. Just having a wee stretch on the crisp white sheets of this comfortable but exciting place that I am going to love . What will it be today? Gardening? Photography? Art? Poetry? taking the rubbish out?  Yes it still has to be done. I am finding […]

Blooming Allright

It would be self indulgent to blog about ones personal miseries would it not? And it probably wouldn’t make good reading, however  closer to the truth it would be .For the purpose of this post,  I will try to find a middle path. The fact that I can’t join in by waxing lyrical about the […]

The twilighty zone

Wild garlic pesto Vegan version anyone? Just wondering is there might be an issue with eating so much wild garlic at one sitting???? went ahead in any case and made a vegan version. There hasn’t been much time for foraging unfortunately. Actually only growing my own foragey plants myself instead. Plants like scurvy grass and […]