Pruning systems and treatment…different strokes for different folks

First there is a mountain Far from being the Zen gardener am I. Just in the door from a spot of pruning during which time my head was full of blog posts.  It’s almost  6pm and there is a huge stretch in the evening light. Is constantly composing while gardening a good thing one wonders. […]

morning post

Half sitting here on my stool cooking these things and figured it was a grand place to blog also.  Lack of stimulation has me doing my house work with the lap top. I have great aspirations about Zen mind and all that but there are times when a little screen and a keyboard helps. Must […]

Shrub love

Just the other day, before the terrible weather came back, I went on a planting spree.  I had a spare 15 euro in my pocket also and I spend all of it. I bought Arabis ‘Rose Delight’, as you can see here. Two bare-root laurels. I never thought I would see the day when I […]