Garden Therapy, all year round

Gardening meditation In term of therapy all year round we can compare this concept to the song lyric ‘all night long’ thus implying perpetual enjoyment (  that is to say, for a defined period of time).  For many years now living in N.W. Ireland I am bound for the armchair or sofa from about October […]

Good tidings in August

A planned trip to the ocean near Lissadell, Co. Sligo bore fruit yesterday. I was hoping for company but the task fell to myself alone. I told a few people of my location and brought my mobile phone, which I kept in my pocket. Unfortunately the rain coat has a deep pocket and it ended […]

Garden diary

Creative urges satisfied for the moment it’s time to get back into the garden.  I have been planting young whips of birch, alder and oak.   The land here is windswept and high. The soil scarce and stony. There are unforgiving weeds in many places. Bindweed, hedge woundworth, bishops weed (ground elder), oooh and not […]

whats growing on here?

Thanks to all those who helped this growing season, Kalay, who make the clay pond where this ‘little’ fella lives. Yes, it’s in a brown paper bag now. I will later on stuff a pillow with it . It is supposed to help sleep. It is a very beautiful climber however and is easily increased […]