Garden Therapy, all year round

Gardening meditation In term of therapy all year round we can compare this concept to the song lyric ‘all night long’ thus implying perpetual enjoyment (  that is to say, for a defined period of time).  For many years now living in N.W. Ireland I am bound for the armchair or sofa from about October […]

Brambles and other thorny subjects

Brambles On this mild day it feels so nice to be out and about tackling  thorny issues such as the strangling habits of brambles. I have always been attracted to these plants. Some of the most amazing plants on this planet of ours are ferocious. My all time favorite is the rose. Today I released […]

Just June

It’s been too long folks. The season has come and it gobbled up all my blogging energy. Gardening, film making and home making. I was getting into foraging big time just before the land woke up and then it all happened. Just keeping my hand in here. Here is an image from the finale of […]

morning post

Half sitting here on my stool cooking these things and figured it was a grand place to blog also.  Lack of stimulation has me doing my house work with the lap top. I have great aspirations about Zen mind and all that but there are times when a little screen and a keyboard helps. Must […]

Credible edibles, weeds too

Here you see the tasty hairy bitter cress, just one component of Friday’s salad. This one is growing between the rocket and red mustard at the side of the tunnel in Jampa Ling garden, This is red mustard. These cool season crops grown under cover must be sown in August for an early spring crop , any […]

Shrub love

Just the other day, before the terrible weather came back, I went on a planting spree.  I had a spare 15 euro in my pocket also and I spend all of it. I bought Arabis ‘Rose Delight’, as you can see here. Two bare-root laurels. I never thought I would see the day when I […]

Garden diary

Creative urges satisfied for the moment it’s time to get back into the garden.  I have been planting young whips of birch, alder and oak.   The land here is windswept and high. The soil scarce and stony. There are unforgiving weeds in many places. Bindweed, hedge woundworth, bishops weed (ground elder), oooh and not […]