Garden Therapy, all year round

Gardening meditation In term of therapy all year round we can compare this concept to the song lyric ‘all night long’ thus implying perpetual enjoyment (  that is to say, for a defined period of time).  For many years now living in N.W. Ireland I am bound for the armchair or sofa from about October […]

West Cork Gardens

  A trip to West Cork and it really does feel like a summer. A friend and I swapped houses for a week and I packed the car with myself and 4 teenagers, taking in a Dublin detour along the way. Clonakilty is a lovely town to be sure. Full of history, Henry Ford and […]

Just June

It’s been too long folks. The season has come and it gobbled up all my blogging energy. Gardening, film making and home making. I was getting into foraging big time just before the land woke up and then it all happened. Just keeping my hand in here. Here is an image from the finale of […]

morning post

Half sitting here on my stool cooking these things and figured it was a grand place to blog also.  Lack of stimulation has me doing my house work with the lap top. I have great aspirations about Zen mind and all that but there are times when a little screen and a keyboard helps. Must […]

Weeds One

In  spring cleane mode I decided to clean up the link area on the blog. Just checking to see what is still working etc. In so doing, I had a look at the Plants for a Future link. While I was there I investigated a plant which we have been eating and weeding at the […]

Garden diary

Creative urges satisfied for the moment it’s time to get back into the garden.  I have been planting young whips of birch, alder and oak.   The land here is windswept and high. The soil scarce and stony. There are unforgiving weeds in many places. Bindweed, hedge woundworth, bishops weed (ground elder), oooh and not […]

September looks back

It has really been a crammed full season.  Lets seen now, there is the Anti-fracking campaign, Yes today is the day after the Global frackdown day. Had a really good one up here in Manorhamilton and Carrick on Shannon. Here for more info. Then we had culture night in the Solas gallery on friday 21st,  and […]